Aegis Hammerhead to Polaris Upgrade

Code: aegis-hammerhead-to-polaris-upgrade


5 in stock

5 in stock


Aegis Hammerhead to Polaris Upgrade:
This upgrade will take your Aegis Hammerhead  and turn it into a Polaris
This is a virtual item for the game Star Citizen. Any features of the previous ship, such as LTI, will also be on the upgraded ship.
Aegis Hammerhead to Polaris Upgrade
This digital item will be gifted to your PayPal verified email address. Make sure you are logged in to the correct RSI account you want the item in before accepting the gift. There is no physical item.

If you haven’t registered an account yet, use code STAR-YNQG-NYPH during registrationto get 5000 UEC Credits!


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