Anvil Liberator – LTI


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3 in stock


Anvil continues its tradition of excellence with the Liberator, an open-air vehicle carrier that applies the tradition of long-range transport to a smaller scale. Designed with the same quantum drive and long-distance capabilities of military-spec carriers and pathfinders but tailored to the civilian market, the Liberator puts your fleet on the front lines of any operation. And with this striking Condor paint scheme, you’ll make a lasting impression, illustrating your laser focus on the mission at hand.

*The base ship used for Cross-Chassis upgrade may vary. The package sent will always list the name of the base ship when gifted but as soon as you claim it you will find the upgraded ship in your Hangar.

This pledge includes:

Anvil Liberator (Standalone Ship)
(VFG-Industrial Hangar in the final game)
LTI – Lifetime Insurance