Anvil Valkyrie LTI

“In the days of antiquity, the Valkyrie were believed to choose who would live and who would die on the field of war. Now, Anvil is putting that choice in your hands. Seize fate and turn the tide of battle. Rugged, high-performance jump seats safely transport up to twenty personnel into and out of the fray. A vehicle bay and speed ramp efficiently launch ground-based transport or reconnaissance vehicles for unmatched support. Four powerful VTOL thrusters facilitate surgically precise take-offs and landings, while a devastating array of weaponry blurs the line between dropship and gunship.”
This is a LTI token upgraded (ccu’d) to a LTI Valkyrie.


Anvil Valkyrie

Lifetime Insurance

Self-Land Hangar


2 in stock

2 in stock