Banu Defender LTI

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Banu Defender LTI:

“Meet the Banu Defender, a multi-crew fighter whose patchwork design highlights technology from a variety of species. Though cargo space is limited, the Defender features modest accommodations for its crew and provides easy access to components. The Defender gets its name from the role it serves: the first line of defense against enemy attacks. That’s why the Defender makes the ideal companion to the Merchantman: one to do the heavy hauling and the other to perform the deadly dogfighting. Every Banu merchant knows an investment in defense is an investment in their livelihood.”

This is a LTI token (such as a Reliant Base, Ursa Rover Fortuna, P-72, or Ranger) upgraded to a LTI Defender.


Banu Defender
Lifetime Insurance
Self-Land Hangar


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7 in stock

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