Endeavor Fuel Pod 60 month

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Fuel Pod Anniversary 2017
The Endeavor Fuel Pod takes up a minimal amount of space to add additional fuel for long-duration missions. Effectively a large ‘drop tank,’ the fuel pod is typically used by Endeavor crews venturing further into the unknown.

This Anniversary 2017 promotion edition comes with an exclusive 60-Month insurance contract.” 

This is a virtual item for the game Star Citizen. This is not a ship, it is an add-on for “Endeavor” ship that must be purchased separately. Please check out my other Endeavor pods for sale.


Endeavor Fuel Pod(2×1)

60 month Insurance

This digital item will be gifted to PayPal verified email address. Make sure you are logged in to the correct RSI account you want the item in before accepting the gift. There is no physical item.

If you haven’t registered an account yet, use code STAR-YNQG-NYPH during registrationto get 5000 UEC Credits!

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