Vanduul Scythe LTI

For sale is one the rarest alien ship in Star Citizen. 300 Scythes were sold as part of the initial Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen. It’s been confirmed that there are no plans to offer the ship up for purchase again, but recently the ship is undergoing a rework using the design styles of the updated Kingship interior.

This might be one of the last Scythes in the wild, get this beauty before anybody else! The Scythe is from the original Kickstarter sale and comes with Lifetime insurance.

Fast becoming the symbol of the Vanduul Race, the Scythe is the foot soldier in every raid and the target of every human fighter pilot. Featuring a hefty weapons payload, the Scythe’s real asset is its maneuverability, found in the twin main and twelve manuevering thrusters Scythe


This pledge includes:

Esperia Scythe
VFG-Industrial Hangar
Lifetime Insurance


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