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Naturally, the first thing you would need to play Star Citizen, is an account. Yes, you can create one at the official website, but there is also the hassle of buying the games Star Citizen and Squadron 42 separately.

Usually, you would want to have packages containing either the Star Citizen Digital Download and/or Squadron 42 Digital Download.

Buy Star Citizen Account
Buy Star Citizen Account

But there are so many packages with different ships! Which one do I choose? Well, worry not, we can help you with account selection as well. Many of our accounts come with ships that are not sold in the store anymore making them very rare. Our accounts also come with benefits of having older accounts that you cannot get if you started a account today. Purchasing an account can be a great way to get a head start in the ‘verse.

Star Citizen currently has over 80 ships, and what sucks, is that you cannot buy a certain ship when you want to. Some ships are account locked which means you can only buy them with a account that already has that ship. That is why your best option for getting some of the rarest ships in the game is to buy an account from us!

Buy a Star Citizen account from us to get the benefits of having an older account and get a leg up in the game!

We offer a wide variety of different accounts with different packages, suited for any player out there!

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