Purchase, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Items and goods will typically be delivered within 24 hours after a payment has been cleared. Under certain circumstances there may be delays in processing your items, however we don’t typically see more than 72 hours pass before a product has been delivered unless other delivery blocking factors are involved.

Due to the nature of the Star Citizen Gifting System only allowing an item to be Gifted ONE(1) time and then binding that item to the Buyers account, we accept ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON UNLESS WE ARE ABLE TO CONFIRM A FAILED DELIVERY ON OUR END and successfully cancel the gift link before it’s claimed by the buyer.

Once an Item has been claimed, it leaves our digital inventory permanently and we will no longer have any control over that item. At the point of a BUYER clicking and/or claiming a gift link, it is the BUYERS responsibility to contact Cloud Imperium Games to sort any account or gifting issues if further issues arise.

If any attempts to deliver a BUYERS digital item fails or cannot be completed for any reason, we reserve the right to contact the BUYER to obtain updated information. If at that point a delivery still cannot be made due to other or outside unforeseen circumstances, the transaction will be canceled, the gift link null and void, and the cost of the transaction will be returned to the BUYER after AND ONLY AFTER we have re-obtained our items from the Star Citizen Gifting System.

SckShips is not responsible for any mistakes the BUYER may make during the purchase process. Any attempts of fraud will result in the BUYERS SckShips Account, RSI Account, and PayPal Account being reported and banned for fraudulent activity using our proof of delivery systems, and will be reported to the proper authorities.


The game Star Citizen is in the alpha development stage and it can contain various errors and bugs (including in ships). SckShips is not responsible for the mistakes of the game developer. In the development of Star Citizen, the creators of the game may use a balancing process on their digital ships, vehicles, or items. During the balancing process the developers (Cloud Imperium Games) can change at their discretion, any characteristics of the ships, vehicles, or items and any variation of their complete set (contents, game packs, weapons, equipment, modules, etc.) with or without notification.