Buy Star Citizen Vehicles

Buy Star Citizen Vehicles

There are a whole lot of different ground vehicles in Star Citizen. Each of them serves a different or at least a similar purpose. Some of them are purely cargo vehicles designed to carry equipment and cargo. But some are combat vehicles designed to obliterate your enemies with the right upgrades.

One example of the cargo ground vehicle is the Ursa Rover. Currently, this is the vehicle that is most commonly used in Star Citizen. It has the largest cargo capacity and also carries a turret. However, if you were to make use of that turret, you would need another player with you to man it, while you’re out exploring and collecting stuff.

Star Citizen's Tumbril Nova Tank
Star Citizen’s Tumbril Nova Tank

On the other hand, you’ve got your classic dune buggies that are fast and light. They can cover a lot of terrain in a very short period of time.

There are also full-blown huge modern tanks in Star Citizen. One example is the Tumbril Nova Tank. It’s currently in concept and not yet released, but you can be confident that as soon as this devastating tank is released, it will be available for purchase right here!

Star Citizen Vehicles

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