Buy Star Citizen LTI Vehicles

Buy Star Citizen LTI Vehicles

Some of the main things you need to check out when choosing a vehicle in Star Citizen are their intended roles, how they fit into your playstyle, and how versatile they are, but most importantly, you must have a way of transporting them.

For example, you have the Ursa Rover. This ground vehicle has the largest capacity of all the ground vehicles in the game currently and has a turret on it. It can be transported in ships like the Constellation or other ships with larger cargo space.

You also have combat vehicles, or tanks, such as The Tumbril – Nova Tank. It has two size 2 weapons and size 4 ballistic cannon, as well as a bunch of missiles. It can attack both ground and air targets.

Ground Vehicle LTI

But you can keep looking at the ground vehicles and saving up for them, but none of that will matter if you lose it, or if it gets destroyed, and you’ve got no insurance. LTI (Life-time Insurance) in Star Citizen is a system that makes sure that you regain the ground vehicle that you’ve lost, for whatever reason. Maybe it got stolen, or maybe it got destroyed by other hostile players. If you have LTI, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

However, you can no longer acquire LTI for ground vehicles, aside from once in a while with expensive packages.

Buy Star Citizen LTI Vehicles

That’s why we’re here. If you’re looking to buy Star Citizen LTI Vehicles, you’re definitely at the right place. We’ve got a huge variety of different vehicles that already come with lifetime insurance.

The way you can buy Star Citizen LTI Vehicles is by in-game trading with us. Just make your decision on the vehicle you want to have, and leave the rest to us! You can rest easy knowing that we surely have the vehicle you’re looking for, whether it be a cargo ground vehicle or a full-blown huge tank like The Tumbril – Nova Tank.

So go ahead and browse through our ground vehicle offers and choose the one you need, and let us do the rest.

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