Buy Star Citizen Equipment and Add-ons

Star Citizen Equipment and Add-ons

Equipment in Star Citizen is everything that you can add to your ship. For example, you have hull guns or tractor beams. Adding these to your ship will definitely make it perform better and, in some cases, make it more durable in combat. You can also add whatever equipment you’d like, to better suits your playstyle. You can buy Star Citizen equipment and add-ons right here!

Add-ons act as a catch-basin for everything that isn’t covered by other options. For example, there are skins for your ships, which change its appearance.

Some examples of the arsenals of equipment you will be able to find here are:

  • Power Generators
  • Jump Drives
  • Energy Weapons
  • Coolers
  • Missiles
  • Shield Generators
  • Projectile Weapons
  • And many many more

Some of the rarest add-ons and equipment require you to travel all around the ‘Verse to obtain them. And just when you get there, you realize the price they’re going for, which can sometimes be really steep, depending on which piece of equipment or add-on you’re going for. Even the skin ships are expensive and require days of grinding.

Buy Star Citizen Equipment and Add-ons
Buy Star Citizen Equipment and Add-ons

That is why we are here to help! No more all-nighters of grinding missions and traveling through the ‘Verse trying to find that one vendor. All of our add-ons and equipment are much easier to obtain for you!

So if you are looking to upgrade your combat capabilities with a couple of missile launchers or just get more shield generators, you’re at the right place. We have everything you might need for your adventures in the ‘Verse, and you can be sure that our prices almost certainly beat the mission grind.

You can buy Star Citizen equipment and add-ons right here, all in one place, hassle-free.

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