Buy Star Citizen Packages

Buy Star Citizen Packages

Okay, so you’re ready to play Star Citizen. You’ve registered, created an account and everything else. What’s the next step? Well, the next thing you should definitely go for is the Game Package. You can’t play the game without it. The basic package includes:

  • Star Citizen Game Digital Download (The actual game)
  • A Ship (The most basic ship, suitable for beginners)
  • Ship Insurance (Also the basic insurance, which insures hull and the weapons of your ship)
  • UEC (In-game currency, or United Earth Credits)

There are two basics packages most new players go for:

  • Aurora MR (A versatile and reliable ship, the most basic option for everything you need to do in Star Citizen for now)
  • Mustang Alpha (The Ford Mustang of Star Citizen. Very fast and light spacecraft that has an optional cargo carrier)

Star Citizen Packages

Aside from the Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha, there are many many more packages in Star Citizen. Some of them are Avenger Stalker, Reliant Kore, Cutlass Black, Hornet F7C, Freelancer, Constellation Andromeda, and more. We are offering all of those packages, for insanely good prices.

The Mustang Alpha
The Mustang Alpha

So, if you’ve had your eyes on a specific package for a while, and can’t wait to get into the actual game with your friends, look no further! Whether it be one of the more exclusive packages like the Constellation Andromeda, or just your basic Mustang Alpha, we’ve got you covered. Every once in a while, new packages will be released to the public, and you can bet that we’ll have those too!

If you’re looking to buy Star Citizen Packages, you can go ahead and browse them in our Packages category and select the one you want. The rest, you can leave to us. You can be confident that we’ll always have any package you need, and that we will provide a safe and hassle-free transaction.

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