Aegis Reclaimer LTI

“The Aegis Reclaimer is an industrial salvage ship. Equipped with a reinforced cargo bay, a long-range jump drive and launch pods for unmanned drones, the Reclaimer is an ideal ship for taking advantage of deep space wrecks. Tractor beams, floodlights, scanner options and docking ports round out the tools on this capable, utilitarian spacecraft. The listed Cargo Capacity is only for the dedicated Cargo Room and does not account for the salvaged material capacity which will be detailed later.”

This is an LTI token (such as a Reliant Base, Ursa Rover Fortuna, P-72, or Ranger) upgraded to an Aegis Reclaimer LTI.


Aegis Reclaimer LTI

Lifetime Insurance

Self-Land Hangar


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