Anvil F7C-R Hornet Tracker LTI

“If the Ghost is made to hide, the Tracker is made to seek. The F7C-R Tracker boasts an advanced radar suite making it ideal for deep-space explorers who require depth and accuracy in their scan packages. Local militia and larger merc units will also repurpose Trackers to act as mobile C&C ships for their squadrons.With a durable Hornet fuselage and the best scanning technology available, the Tracker doesn’t break away: it leads the pack”

This is an LTI token (such as a Reliant Base, Ursa Rover Fortuna, P-72, or Ranger) upgraded to an Anvil Hornet Tracker LTI.


Anvil Hornet Tracker LTI

Lifetime Insurance

Self-Land Hangar


5 in stock

5 in stock