Aegis Hammerhead-LTI

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“The ability to respond quickly and establish battlefield dominance are paramount to any kind of security operation, Simply put, Aegis’ Hammerhead heavy gunship is built to react and fight. Outfitted with both manned and unmanned turrets, the Hammerhead is equally capable of providing anti-fighter support for larger capital ships or spearheading a smaller militia or security outfit. ”




  • Aegis Hammerhead

  • Lifetime Insurance

  • Selfland  Hangar

1 review for Aegis Hammerhead-LTI

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    The Aegis Hammerhead is a great vessel in 3.4 for mid-sized crew management and a good flagship in the current meta for organizations with enough people to crew it. (Until larger combat ships are released)

    Not recommended for solo players for obvious reasons, you will only be able to control missile bays from the pilot seat and is heavily dependent on it’s 6 manned mounts.

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